Om Namo Bhagavathe Sree Dhanwanthere
Amrutha Kalasa Hastaya
Sarvamaya Vinasaya
Thrylokyanadhaya MahaVishnuve Namaha.

This ancient Temple, believed to be thousand years old, situates at Prayikara, just two kilometers away from Mavelikara town, Alappuzha (Dist) Kerala State, on the Mavelikara - Thiruvalla route, is the cradle of all Adhyatmie Devotional and social activities for the whole people of Mavelikara, especially for the residents of Prayikara.

Lord Dhanwanthari the Principle deity of this temple is believed to be the Physician of Devas and Ayurveda. The “Moola Vigraha” made of ‘KRISHNASILA’, has four hands bearing Conch, Chakra, Leech (Jelukam) and the holy Amrutha Kalasa. There are only a very few temples dedicated to Lord Dhanwanthari, in the whole of India and this temple is believed to be the holiest of all.

Since the Presiding deity is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, all rituals performed in Vishnu Temples are also done daily here.
Special Offerings like:
  • 1. Kadalinivedyam
    2. Thulabharam with Kadalifruits
    3. Sandalwood annointment (Chandanam Charthu)
    4. Ksheeradhara (Abhishekam with milk)
    5. Elaneerdhara ( Abhishekam with Tender coconut water)
    6. Thulasi garlands etc. are performed here as per the wishes of Devotees.

Temple Special
Chandanam Charthu
The ‘Chandanam Charthu’is just similar to the famous ‘Vaka Charthu’ of Guruvayoor Temple. Small temples for Upadevas like Siva, Ganapathy also are inside the Nalambalam. There is also a ‘Sarppakavu’ in the south west corner of the temple. Recently “DHWAJA PRATHISHTA” was performed on 16 th January 2011 (1186 Makaram 2 Sunday), with all the temple rituals.

Temple Location
Up Coming Events

Contact Details
Address: Sree Dhanwanthari Temple
Street: Prayikara, Mavelikara
Postal/City: Alleppey, Kerala 69001
Phone: 00919446163737, 00919446418606

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